Lee Williams

Supervisor, Lead Installer, The Perfectionist

I take pride in working effectively as part of a team, using my two decades of experience in the bespoke fencing industry to deliver the best service possible. I’ve worked on many prestigious jobs up and down the country, but I tend to be involved in the specialist contracts. I love a challenge and I’m totally comfortable with any installation. The more complicated, the more I enjoy it. Restoring classic cars in my spare time has brought me skills such as welding which has proven useful within my profession.

Slogan for life – “The wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill.”

Likes – Anything to do with cars!

Chris and Darren have supported me both in and out of work over the years…we have a great working relationship and friendship. They’re eager to help and listen to the day to day issues that we have. We’re a close-knit team and we work it out together.

Chris on Lee: special talent, natural introvert but utterly capable. Just doesn’t shout about it. Give it to Lee, never rushed, no corners cut, but always a great product. Always polite, always conscientious.