Keith Craven

Our Friend and Photographer , Uncle Keith

We are blessed to have such a talented artist and photographer as part of our team.

Keith, originally studied art at his home town Leeds University and graduated with a first class honours degree. Extremely passionate about his photography,  he doesn’t bother pressing the shutter if the subject doesn’t interest or stimulate his creative mind. Which is a great fit for us because we don’t like doing things in half measures…if it’s not different, we’re not doing it.

We approached Keith in mid 2019 to put his spin on the new website, and he’s been happily grafting in the background and putting his own style to our site. He finds the locations as interesting as our work (hardly surprising!) , and loves the connection between our installations and the surrounding environment. A wet day in Bradford or a beautiful sunrise in Sheffield, Keith is happy to be out there doing his thing.

We’re hoping 2020 will see some interesting developments with the website, including some time lapse and drone footage…so it’s very much work in progress, and possibly our little bit of self indulgence.

Keith’s a great guy to spend a few hours with, much experienced and very enthusiastic. Our guys have taken him on board and he’s an invaluable part of our team.