Don Smith


I have worked for Davison’s for nearly 15 years now and both me and the firm have changed massively over that time.

I started just knowing the basics of labouring but have developed into a very competent supervisor who can work well with other teams and management to ensure the jobs are handed over as expected.

I tend to be quite fast paced and maybe over ambitious. This energy carries through into my personal life, where I have my 5 year old girl Skyla to keep me on my toes. She is my world and I do everything to ensure she has the best life possible. She likes nothing more than to wave to me and the lads in the van every morning… matter how early. I quite often get a tearful call in the morning because me or one of the lads haven’t waved enough!

Chris on Don:

Don has an energy that is infectious, and he has developed into well respected member of our team. He is a superb communicator and happily engages with our Client’s project managers and QS’s, always determined to get work done, and work safely. Brilliant at sorting his own plan, working up a solution, and telling me how it’s going to happen (and he gets it right most of the time!). Old school grafter, with a modern outlook.