Dirk McLean

Supervisor, Lead Installer, Mr Versatile

I joined the team in February 1999, but it really doesn’t feel like 20 years! I didn’t have experience in the industrial fencing trade before I started, but I was willing to work. And I worked hard!

Over the years I’ve installed all the fence systems at one time or another. I tend to get involved with the awkward installations, anything technical, high security, etc (I’ve even installed a bridge!). It’s given me vast experience, which I call upon from time to time to solve problems…something I feel I’m good at – I’m hands-on and have a technical way of working it out and finding solutions.

My hobby is restoring, re-engineering and modifying older cars, as well as building custom chopper bicycles!

Chris has navigated the company through a very challenging period within the industry. It’s an industry that has changed massively in recent years – the scale of paperwork and procedures are mind-boggling, the ever-changing regulations and demands of companies and clients continue to change. Chris has managed our company through all of this and we and proud of our reputation as one of the best fencing contractors in the country. He is always available for advice and queries, and always happy to help.

Darren came to us with a technical fabricating background, and this shows. He manages the most technical aspects, which is his forte. He too is always approachable and there to assist in any way he can.

Chris on Dirk: Quiet, but thoughtful, intelligent and extremely talented. Don’t be fooled by the quiet demeanour, there’s a huge amount in this guy’s brain.