Chris Davison

Managing Director, Control Freak, Sports Mad Dad

Other than doing all the stuff that nobody sees, I’m involved daily in managing contracts, my own team, our suppliers and generally making sure that all angles in the business are covered. I love the day to day hustle & bustle of the construction industry, and the challenges we face.

Never a boring day, always busy doing something and getting involved. I’ve been in the commercial fencing industry for 29 years (man and boy!) having ditched the A-Levels in pursuit of happiness and wealth. The job back then was easy, no time for worry and stress, but as I’ve developed, the business has too… So much more to think about, but equally enjoyable. Just ever-changing. My goal is to provide a brilliant service to our clients, to provide a great place to work for all our staff and to “do what it says on the tin”. I’m proud of my relationships and friendships across the construction industry. I have a great job and give 100% in all I do.

I have a beautiful wife of 20 years, two lovely daughters, both studying hard for A levels and GCSEs and 2 time-consuming dogs. I love playing squash, golf and skiing, none of them is as easy as running a business but they keep me fit. I spend as much time as I can (brownie points permitting) playing sport, working out, watching football, rugby league, golf… Anything with a ball! I love spending time out in the countryside walking the dogs with my family. I would dearly love an eight-day week.