Dimestage Construction – Newton Kyme Viaduct

Sometimes, it’s not the fencing but the location and backdrop that captures the imagination. How can we aim to make an awkward install stand out, when the beauty of the surroundings craves our attention?

We completed this interesting railing installation a couple of years ago, and managed to re-visit the site on a lovely summer’s day to walk across the viaduct and take in the scenery. The photos speak for themselves, and whilst we are proud of our work, it rightly makes way to the bigger picture…as it should.

The obvious issues with access and safety meant that our operations Director Darren Horbury had an interesting few weeks, whilst we successfully completed the project for a delighted client. We designed a bespoke railing system that ensured the safety of the bridge users, whilst fulfilling the aesthetic requirement of the planning authority.

Thanks to our photographer Keith Craven for the superb images….a project that is one of his favourites!