ESH Group – 18 Quality New Build Houses for Loxley Homes

The Davison Fencing team are delighted to have secured the contract to provide timber fencing and gates to our Client Esh Group.

The project comprises of 11 open market sale houses and 7 affordable houses on a field adjacent to Main Street, Darley, North Yorkshire. The project will also incorporate all external works which will include a new carpark, footpaths, new entrance in to the site and markings to Darley Lane adjacent to the site entrance.

This is a high-end sustainable development, that draws inspiration from both the local vernacular and high-quality contemporary residential developments. The dwellings have been individually designed to reflect the local village vernacular. This include stone walls, slate roofs and stone window surrounds. The scale and proportions of the proposed buildings have also been heavily influenced by the traditional buildings in the village. The design will site quietly within the infill site and ensures that views through are maintained when viewing the development from the North (Main Street) or the south (walker Lane). The proposed public open space and new trees at the site entrance will provide a valuable new visual amenity for existing and new residents.
The design provides two large areas of open-green amenity space. As well as allowing views across the open countryside the layout pulls the countryside into the development helping to maintain an open-rural feel. This space will also provide valuable amenity space for future residents.